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The Goal by Elle Kennedy | Book Review

Image result for the goal elle kennedyBook: The Goal

Author: Elle Kennedy

Series: Off-Campus, #4

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

“We all hurt. We all love. We’re the same. And your past, who you live with, where you came from, it doesn’t have to matter. You’re creating your own future, and I want to see where the road forward takes you.”

This book took me by surprise in a good way. I found it to be so different from the previous books in the series because of the maturity and seriousness of the situations the main characters had to go through. The Goal follows Tucker and Sabrina. Tucker, despite having multiple hookups of his own, is this sweet, charming, chivalrous, and quiet guy. Sabrina is an ambitious, hardworking woman who people label as bitchy because of these attributes. These two characters were different from the characters we were introduced to before but that doesn’t mean that Kennedy wasn’t able to get me attached to them.

From the end of the third book, The Score, we learn the situation Tucker has found himself in after he reveals it to his friends. For some reason I thought that The Goal was going to start off from that point in Tucker’s life, but it made more sense when I realized that we were going back to around the time The Score first took place. Throughout The Score, Dean questioned Tucker’s whereabouts and whether or not he was hiding something and The Goal reveals exactly what was going on with him.

These were new characters, it was a new story, but it also meant we had to relive certain heartbreaking events that occurred in the previous book. I just didn’t want to have to go through these emotions or read about these characters going through these emotions all over again.

The Goal follows Tucker and Sabrina through their last year of college. They meet at a bar and end up having a connection that predictably leads to a hookup. Sabrina doesn’t mind a good hookup but she could never have anything beyond that. Her plans are to go to law school, which means working two jobs to afford tuition as well as being completely focused on her current studies to maintain good grades. Tucker doesn’t believe that whatever happened between them that one night was just a one-time thing. As much as he wants to be with Sabrina again, he gives her the space she needs in order to figure it out. He never wants to push her too far. He puts her needs before his desire and allows whatever relationship they have to be on her terms. But life gives both of them difficult decisions to make when they are forced to go down a path that was never in their agenda. They both learn the hard way that life doesn’t always follow a plan.

This book felt so long to me. It had nothing to do with the actual length of the book but with the fact that these characters went through so much in the span of a year. It felt as if I read about multiple years of their lives. I’m in no means saying this was a bad thing, I actually really appreciated the journey they went through and by the end of the book I was wishing that I could continue to read more about their story.

I thoroughly enjoyed not just this book but this series as a whole. It was fast paced, addicting, funny, and I ended up loving all the main characters we got introduced to and all the relationships that got developed.


The Score by Elle Kennedy | Book Review

Image result for the score by elle kennedyAuthor: Elle Kennedy

Book: The Score

Series: Off-Campus, #3

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

My Rating: 4.8 Stars

“Dean Di Laurentis is in my blood now. I didn’t expect the intense sexual chemistry between us, but it’s here, and it’s addictive, and I don’t know how I can ever give it up.”

I knew it. I knew I was going to love this book and I hate that it’s over! My high level of enjoyment for The Score was the same as my enjoyment for The Deal. There were many factors that prompted me to quickly get hooked into the story. I was addicted to the characters, to the plot, and to the writing style. All of this combined resulted in a fast paced read that I couldn’t put down.

The Score is the third book in the off-campus series by Elle Kennedy and it follows the story of Dean Di-Laurentis and Allie Hayes.

Dean is of course an attractive, rich hockey player who isn’t just a player on the ice. He has a number of hookups under his belt and doesn’t envision himself ever stopping until a drunken hookup with Allie Hayes. Allie is newly single after a long committed relationship and her former boyfriend is far from giving up to win her back. This steers Allie to desperately hide away from him in her best friend’s boyfriend’s house. Dean also happens to live there and despite her efforts to ignore him, the night doesn’t quite turn out the way she planned. Allie seems to think that whatever happened between them should remain a one-time thing but Dean can’t get her out of his mind, which results in multiple determined attempts to change her mind.

There was just something about these two that had me rooting for them to be together from the moment I read the synopsis of the book.

I personally think that this was the steamiest but also the most heartbreaking book in the series. It definitely played with my emotions given all the unexpected events that took place in both the character’s lives.

I loved reading about how Dean and Allie’s worlds collided. They were such an unlikely pair and yet there was no mistaking the chemistry and passion they had towards one another. This book, without a doubt, has become one of my favourites in the Off-campus series and it left me wanting to know more about Dean and Allie’s story when I finished reading it.

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy | BOOK REVIEW

Image result for the mistake by elle

Book: The Mistake

Author: Elle Kennedy

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

“And just in case my reaction to your idiocy didn’t make it clear where I stand with us, then let me spell it out for you.” I whirl around to scowl at him. “I love you, you stupid jackass.”

I enjoyed reading The Deal, the first book in the off-campus series. It was a great break from continuously reading fantasy and emotionally draining books. The Mistake was no different. I laughed and cried. Picking this second book in the series up had always been in the back of my mind, and I’m so glad that I decided to give it a chance despite never wanting to read companion novels in the past. What I love about these books is that they are fast paced, steamy romances. They obviously have their fair share of angst and cringy descriptions thrown in there, but they’re highly enjoyable reads to dive into when you’re experiencing a reading slump or need a fun and quick read.

The Mistake follows John Logan in his third and fourth year of college. He’s on the school’s hockey team and he and his teammates are well known and idolized around campus. Logan hasn’t been in a relationship in a while and doesn’t really plan on getting into one until he meets a freshman named Grace when he accidently shows up at her dorm. They start hanging out, and though Logan is usually just into hook-ups, he finds that it’s more than that when it comes to Grace. He genuinely likes her and reality sinks in when he makes a mistake that drives her away. This whole dispute leads to his senior year of college and he’s far from giving up. He’s determined to not only get her to forgive him but to agree to date him.

I loved Grace’s character more than I was expecting to. She didn’t have the most outgoing personality, which I could usually relate to, but that didn’t stop her from taking matters into her own hands by not allowing anyone to make decisions for her. Logan’s character was great too. He is obviously an attractive guy who used to sleep around, but as the book continued we really got to see what’s under the surface, what demons he’s battling, and what a caring and loyal person he is to his friends and family. I gave The Mistake a 4.5 star rating, which is slightly lower than my rating for The Deal. Even though I enjoyed this book a lot, The Deal still remains my favourite in the series so far.

Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino

**4/5 stars**

“Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.”

Here I am trying to come up with the perfect words to sum up how I feel about what I just read, but I’m utterly speechless. It was such a unique, frustrating, fun, and heartbreaking love story. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it. It made me seriously think about life and how just a small miscommunication can make a huge difference, and in the case of Matt and Grace, it unfortunately cost them 15 years of their lives apart.

The story follows a thirty-six year old man named Matt who has no motivation in life to move forward. His ex-wife, her new husband, and him all work in the same place, which can get awkward, and he has no one to go home to at the end of the day. That all changes when he sees Grace again at the subway station. It’s a second too late, the train’s doors already close, but they make eye contact and recognized each other immediately. This persuades Matt to write a missed connections ad on Craigslist in hopes that Grace will find it. The story goes back 15 years to when Matt and Grace meet in their college dorm building and how they become fast friends. They’re both unique and weird; she’s a cellist he’s a photographer. Their relationship develops slowly and they become inseparable. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and they become victims of bad timing.  

They cared about each other so much and didn’t give a damn about what other people thought of their relationship. The use of their talents really drove the story forward. Matt couldn’t stop taking photos of Grace, no matter if she was dancing, playing the cello, etc, etc. Grace practiced her cello non-stop. Their song tastes were nothing I’ve heard of before, but I somehow understood their passion and connection through the music in their relationship. (I may have just listened to some Jeff Buckley songs and now I have a lot of feels.)

I loved the New York atmosphere, I thought it was really fitting. The flashback took place in the 90’s, so it was cool to read about how their lives were different because of the lack of technology. The reason I gave it a 4 stars was because in the first quarter of the book I didn’t feel really connected to Matt and Grace. I didn’t desperately want to know how their story continued. BUT once I got past the middle, it really picked up for me and I fell in love. This book shattered my heart so many times but still managed to mend it back together, again and again. I would love to see this book adapted into a film! (can someone please make this happen.)


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Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

**3.5 /5 Stars**

“I’m saying find someone who you can talk to. Someone who makes you laugh. I think you’ll realize that that’s what you find attractive.”

This story follows the POV of two protagonists: Parker and Ben. They’ve been best friends since freshmen year of college and over the years they have been roommates. Throughout this novel, the one question that keeps getting brought up is, can a guy and a girl be best friends without having any romantic feelings for each other? Parker and Ben thought so. Sure they had to convince many people that they were just friends, such as the many girls that Ben brought home, but what they claimed was true. They were just best friends who cared a lot about each other, but not in the way people thought. That is until Parker’s boyfriend breaks up with her. Ben and her later decide to have a no strings attached, sexual relationship. They didn’t want sex to change their friendship, so they made it all about having fun. 

I love reading the occasional New Adult novel. In between finishing a fantasy or YA contemporary, I find that I’m in the mood for something different, fun, and easy to get into. When I read the blurb for Blurred Lines, I immediately wanted to read it. It involved the type of tropes I often see in fanfiction, or in some other New Adult stories out there. Like the friend to lover, roommates, and friends with benefits tropes. This novel had it all. I enjoyed the story a lot, but I have to say it wasn’t my favorite. I thought Ben and Parker were fun to read about, but I didn’t connect or fall in love with them as much as I usually would with the main characters. There were some side characters that I absolutely despised though; Lance and Lori. I don’t think it was the author’s intentions to make these two characters unlikable, but for some reason I was always annoyed when they were in a part. I know we’re supposed to despise Lance a little, but Lori was also on my list of characters I wish weren’t in the story, and I’m not really sure why.

One thing I absolutely loved about this story was Parker and Ben’s friendship. They were so adorable with all the silly games they played and how they always looked out for each other. I also LOVED the fact that they actually communicated! What I mean by this is that whenever there was something wrong, they always told each other. For the most part they talked to each other about their problems and how they felt; the talk or mute game was usually how they began these conversations. I absolutely hate it when there’s conflict going on in books because someone didn’t tell the other person something. Such as, a big secret that a character finds out from a different source instead of from the person that was actually supposed to tell them. This usually begins a lot of drama. The communication between Parker and Ben was really refreshing.

Overall I enjoyed this book. It’s obviously not my favorite New Adult novel I’ve ever read, but it was still a quick and fun read.