Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

**3.5 /5 Stars**

“I’m saying find someone who you can talk to. Someone who makes you laugh. I think you’ll realize that that’s what you find attractive.”

This story follows the POV of two protagonists: Parker and Ben. They’ve been best friends since freshmen year of college and over the years they have been roommates. Throughout this novel, the one question that keeps getting brought up is, can a guy and a girl be best friends without having any romantic feelings for each other? Parker and Ben thought so. Sure they had to convince many people that they were just friends, such as the many girls that Ben brought home, but what they claimed was true. They were just best friends who cared a lot about each other, but not in the way people thought. That is until Parker’s boyfriend breaks up with her. Ben and her later decide to have a no strings attached, sexual relationship. They didn’t want sex to change their friendship, so they made it all about having fun. 

I love reading the occasional New Adult novel. In between finishing a fantasy or YA contemporary, I find that I’m in the mood for something different, fun, and easy to get into. When I read the blurb for Blurred Lines, I immediately wanted to read it. It involved the type of tropes I often see in fanfiction, or in some other New Adult stories out there. Like the friend to lover, roommates, and friends with benefits tropes. This novel had it all. I enjoyed the story a lot, but I have to say it wasn’t my favorite. I thought Ben and Parker were fun to read about, but I didn’t connect or fall in love with them as much as I usually would with the main characters. There were some side characters that I absolutely despised though; Lance and Lori. I don’t think it was the author’s intentions to make these two characters unlikable, but for some reason I was always annoyed when they were in a part. I know we’re supposed to despise Lance a little, but Lori was also on my list of characters I wish weren’t in the story, and I’m not really sure why.

One thing I absolutely loved about this story was Parker and Ben’s friendship. They were so adorable with all the silly games they played and how they always looked out for each other. I also LOVED the fact that they actually communicated! What I mean by this is that whenever there was something wrong, they always told each other. For the most part they talked to each other about their problems and how they felt; the talk or mute game was usually how they began these conversations. I absolutely hate it when there’s conflict going on in books because someone didn’t tell the other person something. Such as, a big secret that a character finds out from a different source instead of from the person that was actually supposed to tell them. This usually begins a lot of drama. The communication between Parker and Ben was really refreshing.

Overall I enjoyed this book. It’s obviously not my favorite New Adult novel I’ve ever read, but it was still a quick and fun read.