The Deal by Elle Kennedy

the deal

4.8 Stars:

This was such a refreshing read for me! I didn’t read it at a snail’s pace like with some previous books I’ve read. I found myself easily getting through the novel and the two main characters were so likable. I was having a fun time reading about their relationship. Don’t get me wrong, the characters had major dark pasts that they were trying to move on from, but other then that most of this novel made me laugh and blush so much.

The story follows Hannah and Garrett, two college students who just so happen to be in one class together. They receive their midterms back, which most of the class almost failed, including Garrett. When he finds out Hannah got an A, he tries to persuade her to tutor him. Hannah is just constantly annoyed at Garrett, the captain of the hockey team who is so full of himself. The only reason he keeps talking to her is because he really needs to pass the retake in order to keep his average up and be able to continue playing hockey. She finally agrees after they make a deal: Hannah will tutor him as long as he helps her get the attention of the guy she has a crush on.

I love how they both developed a friendship and then slowly became a couple. Ugh I really don’t know what else to say, I just really loved this book. I might continue the series, but I know the other books are about the side characters from this novel. If I ever need a good “trying to get over a book” book, I know what I’ll be picking up.


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