Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas


For some reason this book took me forever to finish! Not because it was a terrible book; I thought it was the best in the series so far. I have no idea why it took me so long. The first eighty pages I had to read twice because of the long gaps I took in between reading it.
Overall I thought this book was extremely epic. SO MUCH HAPPENED. I am giving this book a 4 stars only because of how long it took me to read it.
I don’t know how else to review this without talking about ALL the characters, considering there was a lot in this book:


Aelin Galathynius: It took me at least 100 pages to get used to calling her Aelin, since she’s been called Celaena for 3 whole books! So much happened with her in this book. I am now a full on Rowan/Aelin shipper. Aelin both intrigued and scared me in this book. There was so many times when she had to revisit old wounds and feelings from her past, but I’m glad she had her small but loving court at her side throughout it all. I can’t wait to read more about how she will develop her kingdom and become the queen her people have been waiting for for a long long time.

Rowan Whitethorn: I was waiting and waiting and waiting for Rowan to reunite with Aelin, and when he finally did, epic hugs and burying faces in necks and all, I was so fricken happy. Aelin was fricken happy too. I loved how she just keep teasing him. Throughout most of this book Rowan was at war with himself over whether he like LIKED Aelin. Aelin was not making it easy for him at all. I laughed so much when he hit his knee on the table after she “told him” she had no undergarments on. Poor Rowan. XD I loved learning more about the special bond Aelin and him shared; with the telepathic communication to feeling what the other felt, especially when they were hurt. Rowan is one of my favourite characters and I’m so glad he had an excuse to go to Adarlan.

Aedion Ashryver: Aedion is great for so many reasons, one of them being his full and constant loyalty and love for his Queen. His relationship with Rowan was rocky at the beginning, but it developed wonderfully. I loved it whenever they would call each other ‘brother.’ Aelin is one lucky fire-breathing bitch-queen to have both of them at her side.

Lysandra: I haven’t read The Assassin’s Blade yet, so I wasn’t sure about her history with Aelin, but it started to make sense when Aelin would describe things that happened between them in the past. I quickly liked Lysandra, especially when Aelin and her agreed to be BFFs. There were some shocking things that were revealed about her. I love how Rowan so easily can tell these kinds of things about people and quickly announces it. Great icebreaker XD I laughed every time Lysandra turned into a ghost leopard and chased and leaped on Aedion. I ship it!

Manon Blackbeak: ASDFGHJKL okay! I found myself bored at times when I read Heir of Fire during Manon’s chapters. But OMG, her development in this book went through the roof, and it’s still continuing. She’s developing feelings!! Just her warming up to Elide and saving her life, to her relationship with Asterin going all over the place but eventually becoming great again. I really hope Manon decides to help out the good side. I’m not really sure what’s going to happen between Dorian and her, but if something does I would totally be okay with it. Also, the whole scene with her meeting Aelin and the fight over the cliff was so epic!

Abraxos: I just want to talk about him for a second! This adorable wyvern, with his flower sniffing to his love and shielding Elide from the cold while she slept! I want him!! ❤

Chaol Westfall: The reason I decided to stop reading the first time I read the first 80 pages was because I was so upset with what was happening between Aelin and him. I was (and still kinda am) a Chaol/Celaena shipper. I was just heartbroken at where their relationship had ended up. It was okay once the romance began with Aelin and Rowan, and I surprisingly really like the idea of him being with Nesryn. My heart broke at his determination to get Dorian back, even with his hard decision to decide to end his suffering. I just wanted to give him a hug.

Dorian Havilliard: Last but not least… Dorian wasn’t in this book as much until the end. It was horrifying to read about how the demon slowly began to take control of his mind, body, and soul. We end up seeing his full strength and power with his magic. His love for his best friend helped him come back. ❤



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